UniversalHYBRID TECH Ultimate Hybrid Holster MKl & MKll

October 30, 2018





   UniversalHYBRID TECH, UHT is a Holster Company, established in 2018 in idaho and located in the treasure valley. in 2016, Partners

Terry Piper and Nick Hoffer saw that the holsters made today were Really lacking and set out to design a comfortable and universal holster.





Anytime you Purchase a Handgun.  Whats the One Thing you Always Purchase       Along with It,       

A Holster.  Why not Make

Your Next Holster, 


Last Holster!






   Holsters are always made for a specific type of handgun. So, if your like me, you probably have quite a few for all types of firearms. 


   what if i told you , that you could use just one holster with multiple handguns. over #100 different types of semi auto handguns.


   this new holster, the ultimatehybrid does just that. i have used it personally with my 1911, glock 19, fmk elite. all the way to my Subcompact pt111 g2 and glock 26.









   A ULTICLIP3™  clip is used to provide the perfect attachment point to your for beltless carry or total concealment. The ULTICLIP3™  is made of an extremely strong spring steel to prevent any breaking or retention problems, so you can rest assure that the holster is never coming out of your waist band, with your gun. 


ULTICLIP3™ Features:

  • 100% American Made

  • Military Grade Black Oxide Finish

  • Heat Treated to RC 42-49

  • C-1075 Spring Steel

  • Wax Treated Steel – aids in smooth operation & rust inhibitor

  • Minimum Profile, Maximum Concealment

  • Over 10X The Retention Compared To Most Holster Clips




   A TACWARE™ angled clip is used to provide the perfect attachment point to your belt. The TACWARE™ clip is made of an extremely durable Delrin material to prevent any breaking or retention problems, so you can rest assure that the holster is never coming out of your waist band with your gun. The angle of the clip provides inward pressure on the grip of your pistol increasing the concealment of your pistol. Fits belts up to 1.75"



TACWARE™ Angle clip Features:

  • Clips feature a slight angle which will help to pull your firearm closer-in to the body.  Often used with AIWB holsters.  

  • Clips fit 1.5" - 1.75" belt sizes and up to a triple-layer nylon webbing

  • Clips "hook" onto your belt for maximum retention

  • Finger-grab built-in to the end of the clip for easier installation and removal

  • 2 mounting holes give you multiple attachment options

  • High-strength yet flexible polymer holds its shape and "spring"

  • Made in the USA






 As you can see in the picture . The MK2 includes a TACWARE™ angled belt clip made from tough and durable delrin material. the angle of the belt clip provides inward pressure to the grip of your pistol to help with concealment of your firearm.



 As you can see, this isn't your standard Kydex or leather/Kydex hybrid Holster.







 Another great Feature  these Holsters provide is their  MemoryCORE™ Backer.  on the backside we have a Spacer Mesh designed for NASA Space Suits. The Space age Mesh wicks away moisture as well as increasing airflow through out the holster, while creating a soft surface against your skin.

   So, no more having to remove your holster because your sweating to death! lol



          MemoryCORE™ Backer

   After the spacer mesh, a layer of memory foam creates not only the comfort layer. but forms to whatever pistol you choose to carry.

   Anyone that has ever worn a holster knows how horrible it is with a leather or kydex holster pressed up against your skin all day Long!!  It drives you nuts with sweet!



   The outer layer is made from 

Cordura 500 which provides a strong & durable, but safe layer against your firearm. the edges are all bound and has binding secured to all edges. 




   both models provide two adjustment points , too adjust the holster where you like it on your belt. 


    One of the features i liked most about both of these  holsters, was the combat cut. it leaves your pistol grip exposed, so you are actually able to grab the grip of your pistol without fighting with the holster backing. Like what i'm used to doing with all my other leather/kydex hybrid holsters i own. 




    The only difference I've seen between the MK1 and the MK2 is the type of Belt Clip included with each Model holster.




Ultimatehybridtech guarantees the durability of this American-made IWB holster for life with our Forever Guarantee .




  • ALL GLOCK MODELS (including g43 &42)

  • ALL S&W SDVE, M&P, AND BODYGUARD MODELS (including 45 cal.)






  • and many more





           After Thoughts???

  •  After Testing and Evaluating the ultimatehybrid holster mk1 & mk2 for the past few months. the only drawback i had with it, was when i wasn't even wearing it. LOL

  • the holster requires tension be provided by the user, by wearing it, to keep the firearm secure. by compressing the MemoryCORE™ backer to the shell. which in then, keeps the firearm very much secure. but when you remove the holster from your waistband, the firearm is no longer secure and can slip out if not careful. 

  • the whole time i wore the ultimatehybrid holster mk1 & mk2, i really enjoyed them both. when i placed my firearms into the holsters, while wearing them iwb, it felt nice and secure and my firearm wasn't going anywhere unless i wanted it too!

  • I really liked the combat cut backing of the holster.

  • a holster that fits over #100 different firearms, whats not to like!

  • On a final note. i will have to say, the ultimatehybrid holster is definitely the most comfortable iwb holster i ever worn.



Rock Island 1911 Tact Compact 9mm





 fmk Elite 9mm



  Rock Island mapp ms 9mm

















company contact info:


Email: terry@ultimatehybridtech.com

Phone: :208-779-0536


218 E Bower street 

Meridian ID, 83642



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