Sylvan Arms Mlok Quick Release Rail Section

August 8, 2018






     Ever needed to add something to your Mlok Handguard, A Pistol Grip, Sling Mount. So, You sit there with them tiny bolts and tiny Mlok Nuts. Then as your trying to get the tiny bolt thru the the rail section and into the Mlok nut, Then you hear it. Ding, Ding, ding! The Mlok nut just fell thru the handguard and somewhere on the floor and its GONE!!  Now you cant find the Mlok nut and the rail section didn't come with any extras. Now your Screwed till you order more or steal one from another rifle. 




     We All been there before!!




     But now there's a Solution that I love! Sylan Arms has come out with a rail section with Quick Release Mlok attachments.

Quite ingenious! 






    "NO TOOLS" Required!! 



    The Rail Section has Detents, That when Pressed against the Mlok rail Section, Releases the Mlok Arms. There's a detent on either side, each controls its own Quick Release Attachment.




     Now if you need to Remove the Sylvan Arms Quick Release Rail Section for any Reason, Simply depress the extended Buttons on either side of the Rail Section and It Releases.












Here is the Sylvan Arms Quick Release Rail Section On my Ar15 Mlok Handguard. It's gonna secure my Surefire Weapon Light to my handguard.









      As you Can Tell, This isn't An Ordinary  Rail Section





So, After Thoughts??


     After using the Sylvan Arms Quick Release Mlok Rail Section for a few months, I must say "I Really Like It" .


   The Rail Section Clamps onto the Mlok Handguard Nice and Tight and Never came Loose or Fell Off ,while holding my Weapon Light.


   It a Great Rail Section for people like me that are always changing stuff up on there Ar15.


  I Do Recommend  others to try this out.









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