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     What is the one thing about Going Shooting that is a Pain in The Ass!! Cleaning your Firearm Afterwards.




     Here we have a new Firearm Cleaning Solvent, Enviroclean Fa. Enviroclean FA is manufactured by OGRE Manufacturing, LLC in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 



     Enviroclean FA is safe for the environment and even safer for the shooter to use and is virtually odor free. This allows you to clean your gun anywhere, anytime, without the Horrible fumes that most cleaners leave behind. So Hopefully the wife won't notice the next time she walks into our kitchen and i'm Cleaning my guns at the Kitchen table. lol





    That is why Most of Us never get to the Cleaning Part after our Shooting Session. But to tell you a Secret, Keeping your Firearm Clean is the Most important Part of Shooting there is. Except for, Making Sure your Firearm is unloaded when you pick it up!!!! 


     When your Firearm is Dirty, all types of Problems begin to arise. Ever have your weapon FTE, Failure to Eject or FTF, Failure to Fire. Now it could be other things wrong with your Firearm, But you will not be able to figure it out till its Clean!!!


    Over the Weekend I was able to get a bottle of Enviroclean Fa Firearm Cleaner So I could put it to the TEST!!


     Enviroclean FA has been successful in removing gunshot residue, burnt powder, lead, copper, plastic fouling and rust on all levels of firearms from single or double action to semi automatic and automatic firearms. Enviroclean FA even makes cleaning black powder simply and easy. While any gun owner or hunter can use Enviroclean FA, many law enforcement agencies are now using this cleaner on a regular basis for their firearms. Enviroclean FA makes it easy to thoroughly clean any gun you own.






     Enviroclean helps to clean your firearm parts and also lubricate it. The process for cleaning is simple. Enviroclean FA is added to the firearm. Wait and Remove it. In 10 minutes or less wipe the firearm clean. Enviroclean purports it is:

  • Low Odor

  • Biodegradable

  • Flash Point > 200°F

  • Used by Law Enforcement

  • Cleans and Lubricates in one Easy Step

  • Contains no water, ammonia or detergents




So, After Thought's??


     After going to the Gun Range and shooting my Ar15 and 9mm handgun. I used Enviroclean to clean my weapons, following the Directions on the bottle.


     The First thing I noticed right away about the Solvent was it had absolutely NO Smell to it at ALL! I was dumbfounded.. I couldn't believe a Gun CLeaner could clean this well and Not have a Strong, Horrible Smell to go along with it. I was Amazed! LOL I Loved the Flip up top.  


     Cleaning wise, It held its own. It Removed all the caked on Carbon from my Bolt Carrier and Upper Receiver no Problem. My Barrels, I used a Wet Patch with Enviroclean on it and pulled it thru the barrels. Then I set them aside while I Cleaned the Bolt Carrier.

When I Returned to the Barrels, I Put a New Patch on the Cleaning Rod and Pulled it thru the barrel. It was hard to believe just how much carbon came out on the Patch. I Pulled thru a few more Patches till them came out clean. The Barrel was spotless inside!


     If you are looking for a Cleaner for your firearms, That doesn't smell like Gasoline and Is Safe for the Environment. I Highly Recommend Enviroclean Gun Cleaner.





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