Elite Survival Systems Stealth-Covert Operations Rifle Backpack

August 4, 2018



    Elite Survival Systems is a US based company in Washington, Mo. They  Specialize in manufacturing premium quality tactical nylon equipment for military, law enforcement and the shooting enthusiast.


    Their Products are of high-quality, intelligently-designed for concealment, discreet transport, and rigorous tactical uses.








Here we have a new Product from Elite Survival Systems. This is their Stealth-Covert Operations Rifle Backpack in Black and Grey. This Doesn't just hold a broken-down rifle or Sbr.  I was able to fit everything and more into this backpack for my 3 day, Tactical Training Course.







    The Entire Main Compartment is lined in Velcro Loop, So you can Customise your Layout however you want. The included modular, adjustable tie-down system allows the User to set up your weapon however you want for quick access or storage. 





Here you see my 10.5in with flash hider, 300blk  Ar15 Sbr Broken-down and tied down with the included modular, adjustable tie-down system. You can adjust the straps thru their modular, adjustable tie-down system to fit any size Weapon that fits in the space provided. The modular, adjustable tie-down system has velcro on the back, So you don't have to use it how it comes. You could very well cut the tie down system into pieces and use this area to store your all your handguns.









 As you can see, a standard 16in ar15 rifle has no problem being carried in STEALTH.




This would make a Wonderful Home for a PS90.






     I know, I like to be prepared! LOL But I did make use of the molle that I hooked my ottis Cleaning kit too. I also hooked my Molle case, that I keep my 3 Bore Snakes in onto it.








    I was really amazed at just how much stuff I could fit in the backpack. 












       Here is a Picture of the opposite side of the main section. It is also lined with velcro, So you can stick anything you like to it as long as it has velcro attached to it. There is also a big pocket that velcros closed. I used it to hold some spare 5.56mm magazines.







      The opposite side of the middle section has a netted zip up pocket for you to store more gear in.










   The Front Section is lined with different sized pockets to hold personal items and or gear in. But as you can see from the picture, I was able to store Everything in there.

     Using the Built in pockets, I was able to store my Cleaning Mat,  Bore Cleaner, Gun Oil, Cleaning Kit, Ottis shotgun Cleaning Kit, Laser Sight in Kit and More. There is also a netted Pocket on the side of the bag for storing a water bottle or a bottle of gun oil like I did.









   Now this Backpack isn't like your old school bag from middle school. As you can see from the pictures, the shoulder straps are thick, padded heavy duty nylon. There's thick comfortable padding on the backside to make carrying a heavy load very easily! Now if you are using this for Hunting and must hike, the padded waist straps, Chest strap and quick adjust shoulder straps will definitely come in handy.


















     You Are able to place a lock on the zippers to keep your Firearm Safe. 







   Here I have my 14.5in Ar15 Socom rifle with 1-4 scope tied down nice and secure using the included  modular, adjustable tie-down system. I was worried my rifle might come loose and smack around, But Everything stayed tied down and secure.






   Here's a close up of the Heavy Duty shoulder straps.







    Now I know this side pocket is probably meant to store a water bottle or drink in, But I stored my bottle of Enviroclean Gun Cleaner in it instead. I have a bad habit of other cleaners always spilling in my bag. 








     A Great place to hang things!                             A Heavy Duty Carry Handle
















So, After Thoughts???


    The time I have spent using the Stealth Backpack has been really great.  I was always able  to carry all  of my gear in my backpack that I needed.  Before I got this backpack I had to bring my rifle case, ammo box and backpack when I went to the range. Now I just grab my Stealth Backpack and i'm off.


    I like the Fact that you must break down your rifle to place it in the Stealth -Covert Backpack. So since its already broken down, Might as well clean it before putting it away!!  Unlike Most of us that usually just throw our rifle into the case and deal with it later.  Its made Extremely well and I know it will last me a very long time.


    I would recommend others that are looking for a way to carry their rifle, to check out the Stealth-Covert Operations Backpack. You will not be Sorry.




Elite Survival Systems, Website


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