Hi-Point 1095TS 10mm Carbine

July 1, 2018


     Hi-Point Firearms, Is an American Firearms Company located right here in Mansfield, Ohio USA!! They might not have been around as long as Smith & Wesson, But with their Made in America, Quality made Firearms and Prices No other Firearm Manufacture can beat. They are Definitely here to stay!! 



 Here is how I received the Hi Point 1095ts 10mm Carbine








     When you hold this Carbine in your hands, It definitely does not feel like a $400 Carbine. One thing I found interesting was there Internal recoil buffer in their Skeleton stock. There are 3 Extensions, each with a Recoil Reduction Spring between the stock and the buttplate to help manage the 10mm recoil. The raised rubber cheek rest helps a'lot with recoil and to get a good cheek weld when looking thru your sights. 


    Here are the included accessories. A trigger lock and key, 10rd Magazine, owners manual and Nylon Sling.  


      Using a Wheeler Professional Digital Trigger Gauge Tester the Polymer, Single Action Trigger brakes Cleanly at 5lbs 10ozs.


      The Barrel is threaded for .57x28 and comes with a thread protector. So you can run a Suppressor if you wish to do so. One thing I would recommend is Getting a Muzzle Brake or Compensator to help with the recoil. It is a 10mm after all. Hi Point does sell a muzzle brake for their carbines, Im just not sure if they carry one for the 10mm.







      The 1095ts Carbine has a Plastic Weaver rail running the length of the receiver, So you have plenty of room to mount your favorite red dot sight or scope.  Another important feature is the LRBHO, Last round bolt hold open. So when you fire your last round, the bolt stays locked to the rear. Then you just eject the magazine, insert a new one and close the bolt. Makes magazine changes a'lot faster.







    As you can see from these pictures, I made a few quick changes.








     When I received the Carbine, the sling mounts were on the right side. I switched them around being right handed, because I use my sling to help Stabilize my weapon. So I installed a Magpul MS2 sling that had clips that fit the stock sling mounts.






      I also added a Magpul AFG2 Front Grip on the front picatinny rail and I removed the rear plastic site and installed a A2 Carry Handle Rear Site. I did have to file down two Pieces of plastic that were sticking up a bit to mount the Carry Handle back that far.Which I think came out perfect. I Love the way It looks now. 










Here you can see the A2 Carry Handle I added. Here the bolt is Locked to the rear in this Picture to show inside the receiver.








   Here is the 10mm

    Blowback Bolt.                                 






The Receiver's Weaver   rail Can be removed if

     you wish to do so.























           The included Blued Steel 10rd Magazine























       I took this New Carbine out to the range and added oil to it before I ran 100rds of ARMSCOR 10MM 180GR FULL METAL JACKET.  The only Problems I encountered were 1 failure to feed during my first magazine I fired, but that was too a lack of oil and a brand new firearm. 










Here you can see the Front site and your Picticanny rail section under your barrel. Perfect place to mount your Bipod and or your weapon light.







      A close up of your Front site. It is adjustable  for elevation by loosening the nut and moving it up or down.

    When you buy your New Hi Point Carbine, Before you fire a single round. Do a function check and oil your new firearm.  Your firearm is a Machine, Any Machine with metal to metal components requires a film of oil between their components. If you do not add Oil/Grease to their components, you can Kiss your machine goodbye!!



     Make & Model. If you look at the bottom left of the picture, you see the metal tab and collar. By rotating the tab is how you would break down your weapon. Do some research before you decide to jump in and go for it. A weapon that's in Pieces and in a box, does no one good besides the Bad Guy! LOL







    If you want your Firearm to be Healthy, Feed it Healthy Food!!

Armscor is one of the best Ammo Makers out there. I run there Ammo in all my firearms from Pistols, AK's to AR's. 




     Running The Armscor Ammo. I was able to shoot less then 3in Groups @ 25yds.  I'm sure I could of shrunk my groups if I would have used a scope or red dot site.

     Here you can see the charging handle on the left side of the Carbine.




    So, After thoughts!!! 

     Would I recommend this Carbine???    Hell Yeah!!!  The Price alone for what you are getting is just to Good to pass up.  I  was doing some research and others are comparing the Hi Point Carbine to the AK47!! The Main thing being, After torture Testing the Hi Point Carbine, Under Water, Ran Over, Dropped,  thrown around. The Hi Point Carbine still ran Perfectly. 




Hi-Point Firearms, Website



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