Sylvan Arms Colt 9mm Magazine Adapter

February 11, 2018

After trying out Sylvan Arms Glock 9mm Magazine adapter and Loving it, I just had to give there Colt 9mm Magazine Adapter a try. trust me, the wife wasn't happy!! LOL I know some of those reading this right now know what I mean.That's why everyday I rush home to get the mail before the wife does!! 



I know some people are wondering why I choose to buy a magazine block instead of a dedicated 9mm Colt lower receiver. For one, I had a bunch of stripped lower receiver just sitting there begging to be used for something or I could just use it in one of my other complete lowers and save money. Two, I wasn't even sure if I would like shooting the 9mm pistol round out of a carbine rifle, let alone being stuck with it the rest of my life. Three, I always wanted the option to switch calipers if I ever decided too. Finally, with using the adapter I didn't have to order another FFL item to put in my name, fill out paper work and pay more money to register it. So there is my reasons for wanting to buy the magazine adapter for the AR15.





After receiving the Sylvan Arms Colt 9mm Magazine Adapter I quickly ran to my workshop to install it. This is one tuff adapter. Its built from solid billet aluminum with steel parts, like the ejector. 


Installing the magazine adapter is as simple as it gets, even the wife could handle this one. Simply, push out the rear takedown pin and split open the receivers. Some of you with certain handguards that cannot fold the upper down, will have to remove the upper completely. Just push out the rear takedown pin and then push out the front pivot pin. Then remove your upper receiver. At the top of the magazine adapter you will see a allen head bolt/set screw. this is what keep the adapter from falling out of the receiver. You will need to remove the set screw at this point. Then take the magazine adapter in your hand and push it up thru the bottom of the magwell till you hear the mag release click into place. Make sure you have the mag adapter feed ramps towards the front of the receiver. After its in place, simply reinstall the set screw you removed earlier. It doesn't say to add anything to the set screw, but a tiny bit of blue locktite never hurt anyone.





Now that you have installed the Magazine adapter into the lower receiver, you can now put on your new 9mm complete upper receiver. What's really cool about Sylvan Arms Colt Magazine Adapter is it uses the stock AR15 Magazine release to eject your new 9mm Colt magazines.  What I really Liked about their adapter is when I put in a magazine, It is rock solid. Its not moving all around while installed like other 9mm mag adapters I have tried.  Make sure when using a Colt mag adapter, that the 9mm bolt carrier accepts Colt magazines. Some are specific, but more and more are coming out that accept both Glock and Colt magazines.






So After taking this bad boy to the range the past couple of weeks. I fired 3 magazines on each trip out, 6 total magazines I fired using my Sylvan Arms Colt 9mm Magazine Adapter. I am Happy to say that I had not one single problem using the magazine adapter!! No FTF or ejecting issues.  So I am Happy to say I found my new HD weapon!! If you are looking to shoot 9mm thru an ar15 carbine, I highly recommend Sylvan Arms Colt 9mm Magazine Adapter.






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