Sylvan Arms Glock 9mm Magazine Adapter

February 10, 2018

I recently Purchased the Sylvan Arms Glock 9mm Magazine Adapter for the AR15. I know a lot of you are saying, why would you want that When you can buy a 9mm Lower receiver for the same price. Simplicity. The Fact that I don't have to put out tons of money on another complete lower. I'm not gonna be stuck with that caliper if I ever get bored with it or run out of ammo. LOL. Maybe I just don't want to deal with another FFL. trust me!! All of these Factors come into play. 




Sylvan Arms Glock Magazine Adapter in packaging.



Installation is as easy as they come. Simply push out the rear takedown pin of your ar15 rifle and split open. You can remove the top end if you like, but it's not necessary unless your handguard calls for it to be removed. Take the Adapter out of the packaging. It will come with an allen key, use the allen key to remove the bolt/set screw on top of the Magazine adapter. Next you will take the Sylvan Arms Glock 9mm Magazine Adapter and push it up thru the bottom of the magwell till it stops. Then simply reinstall the set screw.



I don't think its required to add locktite to the set screw. But for good measure, a little blue locktite on the set screw never hurt anyone!! LOL


Then your ready to install your complete 9mm upper receiver. One thing to make sure of is that you are using a Glock bolt carrier. Most Nowadays are Glock and Colt, but some are not. So be careful when you purchase. 





When using a magazine adapter, different manufactures have there own way of being able to eject the magazine. Being that the Magazine release for the AR15 and the Glock are on the complete opposite side of one another. The AR15 is on the right side of the receiver and the Glock is on the left side of the receiver. So, that was one problem companies had to solve. Torkmag has you hack into your brand new magazine to cut in a slot for the stock magazine catch to grab. Sylvan Arms decided to give you a whole new magazine release and catch built right into their Magazine adapter. It does add extra material to the lower mag well. But, I have to say. I do very Much Like the New magazine release! It makes magazine change times cut in half.  It almost feels as if your firing a completely different weapon now.  A better one in my opinion! LOL



I will have to say, It was a pleasure shooting with this Magazine adapter. I liked how when I inserted the Magazine into the adapter, It felt locked in Solid!! It wasn't bouncing around like other adapters I own!! I have shot 8, 32 round magazines thru it so far with no FTF's to date and only one Failure to eject. Which was my fault because I didn't have the magazine inserted all the way. If you are looking for an ar15 Glock Magazine adapter for the same reasons I choose to get one. I highly recommend Sylvan Arms Glock Magazine Adapter.


 AR15 SBR with Sylvan Arms Magazine Adapter 



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