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     This Section will help you build your New Ar15 rifle! Just click the Link that best suits your needs. If this is your First Build, take your time and read thru all the information provided. Building an Ar15 is a hobby, Like Painting or Sewing! LOL It can be Frustrating At First, Even Last. But in the End, it will all be worth it.  So don't give up!! 


     Ok, I know you just got Paid and wanna spend All that hard earned Money on your New Ar15 Lower Receiver or Stock. But if this is your First Build, you need to get some tools First!! This isn't grandpa's 30-30 bolt action where a hammer & chisel will suffice.  Almost all Parts on the ar15 require a certain about of torque. Guessing Torque values will only cause problems down the line!! So begin your tool shopping with a 1/2 Torque wrench.  

The Gunsmith Tool Kit

  • mallet with nylon and brass ends,

  • small needle nose pliers,

  • triangle mill file,

  • 1/4″ hex screw driver,

  • Gunsmith bench block,

  • safety glasses,

  • soft carry case

  • 30 each 1/4″ bits: Flat blade, Phillips, hex, torx, square, adapters

  • Jeweler’s screw drivers – 6 pcs.

  • Steel punch set, center punch, roll pin punches, and drift punches

  • brass pinch – 5 pcs., Polymer punch -2 pcs.

This piece of kit really is a must have for an firearm project, but will aid in putting your AR together.  The brass punches and bench block are super important when putting pins in, and taking pins out.  Look at this kit, not so AR15 specific, but firearm essential.

AR15 Armorer’s Wrench/ Multi-tool:

Tapco wrench

  • Hammer

  • ½” opening for socket wrench attachment

  • Ergonomic handle

  • Flat tip screwdriver

  • A2 Extension

  • Forearm Wrench

  • Beverage opener

  • Spanner Wrench for old and new style castle nut

  • Muzzle Device

  • Barrel Nut

This is a must have, there are TONS of these out in the market, this one is the one I use, it’s slightly more expensive than the $15 and $20 ones you see at the gun shows but it works a whole lot better.  I have found it very durable, and it’s the last one I have bought in 5 years, and countless ARs later.





Torque Wrench:

This is the style I use. Pick one you like.

  • 150 ft lb capability

  • 1/2″

Find one you like, it’s used to put the barrel nut on, as well as the muzzle device.  you can find one at home depot.  I would recommend to not get a digital one, but I’m a little old school with my tools.  I find that the old style torque wrenches take a beating better than the digital ones. Some different brands have life time warranties, meaning if they come out of spec, they can tune em back up for you.  Just make sure you get it in a half inch variety so it fits in your Armorer’s tool

Action Block

A unique vise block that will hold your AR-15 upper or lower receiver in place for repairs, installations and upgrades. One side will insert into the magazine well of your AR lower and provide a secure mounting point for a bench vise. Flip the block over, and it will insert just as easily into your upper receiver. Constructed of durable Delrin that will not scratch or damage your rifle.






This may or may not be a mandatory tool, some people will tell you you have to have one, some people will tell you it’s just a feel good tool.  I’m not gonna sway you either way, but I’ll list it.

Sturdy steel rod slips into the upper receiver to give needed support for barrel changes and parts installation. Makes removal and installation of barrels, flash suppressors, gas blocks, and handguards much easier. Designed to be gripped in a bench vise so that the rod is either horizontal or vertical. The

There are many different types, this is not a tool to skimp out on.

upper receiver is then slid onto the rod and the rod’s integral splines enter the barrel extension and secure the barrel extension from turning, allowing all the torque from barrel nut wrenches to go directly into the barrel extension. Unique design can’t mar the barrel’s exterior finish and eliminates the need to remove sights or optics when installing the barrel on the upper receiver.  This is a very important tool, I recommend the Geissele version.



Works better than holding it between your knees, any kind of table top variety will work.  Not ESSENTIAL but is VERY HELPFUL.





AR Handguard Removal Tool

  • AR-15 Hand Guard Removal Tool will make the removal and the installation of hand guards a very simple task. No more struggling with your bare hands or finding an extra set of hands to help with the removal or installation of your AR-15/ M4 hand guards. This is a must have tool in your tool box.

  • The Tool’s Hook is inserted into the front of the Mag-Well and the Arms go around the Delta Ring.

  • With a slight squeeze of the arms and compressing the Delta Ring with one hand, your other hand is free to easily remove or install the hand guards.

  • Tool is coated in a soft and pliable Plastic coating that will not mar your firearm’s finish.

  • Construction: Steel Bar stock with Plastic Dip coating.

I have taken hand guards off without them, now I own one.  The military method of using a plumbers wrench sucks, just get one.

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