80% Ar15 Topics

    Here Lies an Ar15 Mil Spec Fire Control Group template for you to download. It is a 1:1 Ar15 Fcg Template. Do not scale it. It comes out perfect when printed.

    This Template is very useful. It gives you the correct dimensions of a mil spec ar15 Fcg. You can tape it onto an 80% Ar15 when your ready to drill the Fcg holes. Why you can use this all by its self, I do recommend using a 80% Ar15 Jig when drilling the holes. The Fcg holes need to be Perfect.

    Drilling the holes is the Most important Part in Milling your own 80% AR15 Lower Receiver. If you Drill them offset, your Safety Selector may not work at all or it may turn like normal to safe and your rifle will still Fire. Or the Disconnector wont be able to grab the hammer when it comes back, Fcg Sears wont connect and when you squeeze your trigger, nothing will happen because the trigger sear isnt touching the hammer sear. When the Hammer comes back, The Sear on the bottom of the Hammer is captured by the Trigger sear.

   This is a Complete diagram for Milling out an 80% AR15 Lower Receiver and Making it A 100% Complete AR15 Lower Receiver. All measurements are correct.

   This Diagram can be used for any Jig system such as Router, Mill, Drill Press. Just follow the diagram and Make sure your final cuts match the Diagrams. This is a Great Diagram to have, Print This Out and Pin it up on your wall in your Shop/Garage. Use a Micrometer to Measure your cuts as you go.

AR15 Lower Receiver Milling Sehmatic

   This is a Schematic for an AR15  Lower Receiver. It has all the specs. This is Great to have if your are going to Mill out an unfinished AR15 forged Lower Receiver.         But you have to do everything to it. They come off the Line, basically just in the shape of an AR15 Lower Receiver. If your have the tools and want to save money, These sell for around $12-$15.

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